January/February 2014


Happy New Year!

So it’s the beginning of a new year and time for some people to set their yearly goal also known as the New Year’s Resolution.  So one of my resolutions for the new year was to start a radio talk show with my buddy from Texas.  In fact I wanted to start a talk show and grow as a radio show. Some people might not call it a resolution they might just set a goal and try to accomplish it. For example, this YouTuber I know wanted to lose weight.  If that’s what his New Year Resolution was, I wish the best to him.  For the most part people make a New Years Resolution, but there are the other people who don’t.  Maybe it is because they might think they can’t accomplish it.  My advice to those people is start small, and maybe next year go for a big goal.  For example, my father wanted to move into a house, so he put in extra hours at work and bought that house.
-Dustin T

Many people make resolutions for the new year, but I don’t really believe in all that cliche’ stuff. I feel like people make these goals/unrealistic resolutions that they might do in the beginning, but will eventually quite and forget.  So here’s what I think: we should spend every day of the year making goals and doing things to better ourselves.  Why should we only do this once a year when new years comes around?  We should do this everyday! So the task I have for my readers is this: try to do something everyday this year to better yourself  or improve in some way, even if it’s small.  Sometimes new years resolutions are just plain unrealistic, there are many things I’ve accomplished that I never even made resolutions for.  Resolutions are great to try and do something good for yourselves, but it has to be a daily thing, so get out there and get motivated. Good luck to all of you, whether your lazing around, working hard, accomplishing new things, or whatever it is you wanted to achieve, have a good 2014.
-Emma R


Martin Luther King Jr. was an outstanding man.  Since he died, many achievements have been made in the African American community.  When I was younger, I was taught to respect everyone and accept them for who they were.  In the fifties, that was not the case.  Many people did participate in the role of gaining equality for everyone.  My brother is African American, and also happens to be gay.  As his sister, he has been black my entire life and I haven’t loved him any less than anyone else in my family. When he came out and told our family he had q boyfriend I was so young all I could really understand was that his boyfriend at the time was one of the coolest guys I had met.
As a kid, I had never experienced the hate and racism I do now. As a kid, you make friends no matter what race they are.  Once you get into middle school, and clichés form you start to see and experience the hatred that is forever in the world.  Now that I am almost an adult, watching the mean people in this world makes me sick.  The fact that there are still a small portion of KKK members is revolting to me.  I cannot believe the world I’m raising my son in. But despite the hatred that is occurring in the world, my son will not realize it until he is older.  Just like myself, he will see the diversity in our family, and understand that everyone is equal.  My son will always love his uncle for who he is and who he loves.  Hopefully one day, the world will not be such a hateful place and my son will never see what I have experienced.  Since the world is progressing thanks to MLK Jr., maybe my son will never see it, as I do now.
-Cassidy C

I always hated U.S. history class. No. Not because of the long class days, the pointless vocabulary words, or even the projects. I hated history class because every text book I grasped, skipped history made by different races other than whites. I could talk about the pieces of history from the US demolishing China, or anything from that sort. Yet I want to talk about, ‘behind the curtain’. In the dark lies huge African American history; Martin Luther King made it “IMPOSSIBLE” for text books to cut out his legacy. His story. He changed millions of people’s lives. Including myself.  I loathe the thought of classifying people for the pigment of their skin. I have a notion I’m not sure people would agree with, but I have always in took it this way: Racism is not only judging those of other color. Racism is singling out a group of people and classifying them what a person would call ‘stereotypical’ or ‘common’ in that group.  I do honor MLK for all of his contributions to racism. Yet racism is not only diminishing others, it is judging others based on an opinion a person has grown on.  I don’t understand many things. I especially do not understand racism. I’m not implying that I don’t understand what racism is, but I do not understand why people are so harsh and judgmental.  I am mixed with black and white. I have been raised to accept people no matter who they were, no matter what. I however believe that people who are older of age still may be racist or have tried to raise their own children to believe as they do. I think this is one of the reasons elderly say, “Children this generation are crazy”.
I know I may get a little off topic here but I do have something that really hit me. Racism towards blacks is only one thing that had been finally looked at by the public (primarily because of Martin Luther King) but the problem in the world today is people are too afraid to be wrong. Protesters no longer make ‘huge’ stands in public.  After thinking long and hard about this… I believe people refuse to make a stand because they saw what happened to African Americans; they know after African Americans made their stand, they were beaten by the government itself.  In the constitution people are no longer allowed to protest on, ‘advocacy of “national, racial or religious hatred”’. African Americans were brought the freedom they deserved but what about Hispanics, Arabs, Muslims, Jews etc. have the same freedom in America.  My final thought is, America still holds racism. The only difference now is that society is too startled to make a real stand. A stand that will not be ignored. A stand in the history books. We need our generations MLK.
-Ashley S

Throughout my life I’ve seen very different viewpoints about life, but for some reason people tend to have similar morals. For instance, many people agree that good morals are: to be kind, to not cause harm, or to be respectful. But from my experiences, I’ve seen that nobody follows those morals and some go against the morals. For example, people say killing is wrong, but when there’s an incident where somebody molests, kills, or does foul things, people are quick to wish death and harm to them. This goes against the morals these people claimed they had, so this is hypocrisy. Unfortunately society is filled with hypocrisy.
When I was young I attended school where people would tell me that killing is wrong and how you should treat everybody the same. Now it was hard for me to follow these morals, especially when everything around me went against the morals I was taught. For example, one of my teachers taught my class about the civil rights period in America and she would constantly tell us about how we should respect each other no matter what. Yet she would punish us for speaking a foreign language in her class, which went against what she kept preaching. There was another situation when I was in school: my class would take a time of silence for victims of 9/11, but shortly after that they spoke of how the suspect who caused the incident should die for his acts. All I could think was of how hypocritical they were.
My uncles would tell me that morals aren’t what I should worry about and instead create my own way of having values. They even gave me examples such as if someone harms me then I should retaliate and dismiss anything that other people say. Eventually, when I was in middle school, there was a kid who bullied other kids, but I paid him no mind until he started to bully me. Because of my way of looking at life, I retaliated and bullied him by ridiculing him around his friends and giving him no respect until he calmed down and no longer interacted with me. Seeing as how my own way of looking at my life works, my views changed from the morals I was taught. So after many situations, I have a hard time accepting these morals when no one in my life or in public has stayed true to their own morals.
-Javier S

The Super Bowl

I am a HUGE broncos fan! I was born and raised in Denver. I bleed orange and blue! I know it is weird to have girl who is a football fan, but I am a huge fan of football. I don’t just watch the game, but I also know what is going on in the game. My family all take football very seriously. They go all out for football!
I am so into football because it is the time that me and my dad have father daughter time. We have pictures of me and him when I was a baby all dressed up in my broncos cheer leading out fit  laying on him watching the game. We always have our time and sit down and have our pizza and blankets.
The week before the super bowl was bronco week at my mom school. My mom went all out for this. she had the craziest outfit I have ever seen! She got a Afro wig that was half orange and half blue, pants that were zebra striped blue and orange, 3 pairs of bronco earnings, and a bright orange shirt.
When they lost the first hike I knew that the game was going be bad. I never imagined that it would be this bad! When we lost the our whole family was in shock. The whole house went from exited to sad. No one can ever change what happened at the super bowl. I am still the BIGGEST bronco fan ever!
-Alea M